Farm-to-Pet: The Journey of Valley Farmstead's Evolution

Farm-to-Pet: The Journey of Valley Farmstead's Evolution

2015 - Bringing Our Farmstead Vision to Life

Valley Farmstead was founded with a clear vision in 2015 - to create a closed-loop, profitable, and sustainable farm. Our aim was to have complete control over every aspect of our production chain.

To achieve this, we grew our own grasses, sourced locally-grown barley and sprouted rootless that were high in nutrient-dense plant proteins, and used human-grade, bio-available nutrients. Our rabbits were raised with care, processed in our licensed and inspected facilities, packed and personally delivered to chefs across the Pacific Northwest.

2016 - From Obsession to Innovation: Creating Our Own Feed

Designing feed is where we excel. Our rabbits' feed blend was designed by us and our nutritionist to meet every dietary need and has been the result of years of study.

We never use fillers, hormones, antibiotics, corn, soy, or canola in any of our livestock feed blends. We firmly believe "you are not what you eat, you are what your animals eat."

2017 - V. Farmstead Hand-Raised Rabbits Achieve Great Success in Seattle's Fine Dining Scene

Our rabbits have been a hit in Seattle's fine dining scene, offering a unique and sustainable protein option. Raised with care and attention to ensure the highest quality and flavor, while our farm-to-table philosophy ensures that they are delivered fresh to the restaurant. Our commitment to quality and sustainability has won over the hearts of Seattle's discerning diners and has made our hand-raised rabbits a staple in the city's fine dining scene.

2018 - From Tragedy to Triumph: The Tale of Our Discovery

In 2018, we faced a devastating protozoa outbreak, similar to Giardia in dogs and cats. After a year of hard work, we discovered the power of saponins and micro-encapsulated nutrients. These have revolutionized our farm and stopped oxidative stress, which is the precursor to all disease.

Today, our livestock, as well as my family and pets, benefit from the life-changing results of saponins and nutrients that neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. Our protocols, which have been researched and farm-proven, are key to stopping oxidative stress allowing our livestock to thrive at the highest levels.

2019 - The Pandemic Brings the World to a Standstill

In 2019, when the pandemic hit, most of the world, including all restaurants in Washington, shut down completely. During this time of uncertainty, we did a lot of soul searching and explored various ideas. One obvious choice was pets, given our years of deep research on animals nutrition. We loved our pets and decided to get to work creating something special for our furry friends.

2020 - Incorporating Farm-Tested Research into Pet Recipes

Inspired by the success of our livestock, we wanted to bring the same results to our pets. So, we started creating nutrient-dense pet foods enriched with our oxidative stress-fighting saponins and micro-encapsulated supplements. Our journey towards ultimate pet health had begun.

2021 - Remarkable Discoveries through Pet Testing Our Blends

We started testing our custom pet food blends with three goals in mind: flavor, quality, and health. Our focus was to create delicious recipes that our pets would enjoy. We used only the best human-grade rabbit and nutrient-rich saponins and micro-encapsulated nutrients.

Almost immediately we saw a transformation in our pets' energy levels, affection, fur quality, and reduction in parasites due to the power of saponins.

The initial approach was to sprinkle our nutrient-rich blend into the food, but over time it became inconsistent. We needed a more efficient method to deliver the precise "dose" to each animal that would also appeal to cats. This is when we developed the concept for Rabbit Saponin Bites™.

2022 - Rabbit Saponin Bites™ Whole-Health Nutrient System Is Born!

A premium rabbit freeze-dried supplement that lets you precisely dose your dogs and cats with the healing power of saponins and micro-encapsulated nutrients.

With our Therapeutic Saponin Bites™, your beloved pet will live its best life!